mardi, février 9

#40 - pants on the ground

I really wanted to take a better photo today, because my little Argentinian first cousin once removed went home today. The last time I saw her I was holding her in my arms (she was just weeks old).

Anyways, she's très shy. I got to talk to her like... 10 minutes before she had to leave with my beloved cousin Vanessa, so... I picked a photo I took earlier in the day while I was absolutely bored in the car waiting for my father to get some food. I looked kind of awkward and not-geeky, for a change, but I like geeky better :B +

That's all, folks!
Cee Cee.

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a complete unknown. a dit…

oh, babies ♥
I wan't more babies in the family, or maybe I'll want to see my godfather's daughters more often.
so you don't have any photo of the little one ?
I like this photo of yours, and I like that you use the seatbelt, hahahaha.
love you, sis.