jeudi, janvier 14

#14 - driving licence

I don't like editing my photos too much. Maybe the major thing I sometimes do is accentuating a little bit the shadows or trying if I want it in black and white or not. The rest (colour balance, for example) is the camera's job.

Yesterday, I got my driver's license, but I took the photo of it today.

I look terrible in the photo, but it doesn't matter, because I'm going to have my photo taken again when I change my address (I took the exam at a different municipality, Providencia, to make it easier for now, because of the place where I took the driving lessons). So if you, stalker, want to come and... stalk me, you'll only find yourself with a whole lot of male driving instructors and bright yellow cars. +

That's all, folks!
Cee Cee.

P.S. click here for an alternate version

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ignacia maría a dit…



ignacia maría a dit…

JAJAJA, ahora eres TÚ la q olvida los < > para htmlear xd

a complete unknown. a dit…

pero mirá que sos complicada, eh ? no sólo tengo que entrar a todos los lugares y ver quince días atrás, que tengo que leer 16 entradas tuyas. por favor.
me seguís cayendo bien y sinceramente te extrañé horrores, espero que estés conectada.