vendredi, janvier 1

#1 - happy new year!

OK, so this is my first photo of my 365 project. It's from today's visit to the cemetery. That's kind of our New Year's family tradition, since my uncle died the first day of 1992, the year I was born. Well, the cemetery where my uncle and granny are buried is an actual park with graves, so it is not strange to find a lot of birds there (there's even a lagoon with ducks and everything).

The thing is that, at one point, my dad told me to look to the two birds with their three chicks that were sort of running on the grass, so me and my little cousin followed them for like two blocks like little spies and I was waiting for the birds to get on the ground to get a better contrast than on grass, so here is the result. I was thinking of uploading a photo of the fireworks, but this one seemed to be more special. And my other option was the tree with eyes (here, here & here), but this one looked better. +

That's all, folks!
Cee Cee.

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Loki a dit…

Ahahaha, hace arto que no comentaba x3! Sry D: Feliz año nuevo! =)
Encuentro que esa tradicion es muy bella aunque por otro lado un poco triste :(
En fin, ojala hayas pasado un muy buen año nuevo y sigue asi con tus fotos pq tan muy buenas D:!!
Esas fotos del arbol con ojos ta como para ShitBricks XDDD

Cuidate, un abraso y saludos!