samedi, septembre 26

fuck it

You see, I love Skins and... after I click play, I'll watch the last two and a half minutes of the second season finale, which happens to be the first generation's finale and, after that, everyone will be gone, except for Effy. She's a genius, I love her, though no more than Cass (don't take it like real love). Anyway, the thing is that now that I'm two minutes and thirty seconds from the end, I see Sid arriving to the New York's Grand Central Station. So fuckin' amazing, not just because I was there, but because there's exactly where I got lost the first day I was in NYC. I know that isn't such a big deal, but it is for me, because I felt like I could get lost anywhere in the world, but getting lost in New York was special.So... yeah, now it's time for me to watch the END.

Au revoir,
Cee Cee

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Carolusabe a dit…

A mi me dio muchisima pena terminar con "la primera generación" , muchisima, los echo mucho de menos , sobre todo a Cassie, Sid , bueno en realidad a todos... los echare mucho de menos... los adoro a todos ♥♥ . Ahora estoy viendo la 3 temporada :) pero mi 1 generacion siempre será la 1 y la que más quiero ♥
Besitos Cami!

según mi Id, Francisco Novillo a dit…

I Will be part of this is it and I think I'm in love with Kaya
If you want me to go you'll have to wait until I'm better

peace out