vendredi, novembre 14

fill your heart

Since I arrived from school I've had my Miami Dolphins blanket (gift from my brother). It's beautiful and not that warm. It mantains your body temperature. Just ideal.

Well, I've never been tagged for anything, but I'll take one of the "I tag everyone" as an excuse to do something here. I'll take one from Starbucks and Jane.
"Seven random things about myself"

1. Although my wallet, pencilcase, schoolbag and lunchbox are green, that's not one of my favourite colours.
2. I have a lot of style icons, and Blair Waldorf is topping the list together with Audrey Hepburn.
3. I make a tea party for every season of the year. Next one is Spring Tea Party, two weeks from now.
4. My three passions are languages, photography and drama.
5. I don't like neither alcohol nor cigarettes.
6. One third of the music I listen to is in French, and although I don't understand anything they say, I sing them anyway (knowing how they're pronounced correctly, but with no idea of the meaning).
7. My favourite actress is Audrey Hepburn, and actor, Johnny Depp.

Now I tag: Toti, Kichi, iGnaa, Carola, Carmen, Juli and Marti.

Freja Beha

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a complete unknown. a dit…

okei, acepto el reto.
( me pasa lo mismo con las canciones en francés, las canto y me las sé todas, pero no tengo ni la más mínima idea de qué dicen )
te adoro, che.

oO_Carmen_Oo a dit…

nenaaaa me gustaría mucho que entrarás en mi blog!!! :_) está dedicado a ti y a Carola, espero que te gsute! :__)

te quierooo

from j ap an a dit…

pregunta, vos sos artist_licence en flickr?
au revooooir

Isa a dit…