mercredi, octobre 1

just to keep you updated

My life since my last post hasn't changed that much.
I don't know if I told you before, but this year I have to take the IGCSE (International General Certificate of Secondary Education) in Maths, English and Spanish. British people will understand better this thing, because they have to take the GCSE, which is quite the same thing, but t¡with English as a first language, and they actually have to take exams on every single subject (that's what I've heard). Well, I've already taken the oral exam (in English) and, according to my teachers' evaluations I had 30/30, that means an A*! I'm very good at English, since it is my second language, but at the time of speaking, I make little mistakes ( them immediately, because they aren't that frequent) because I get a little nervous.
What else... On Saturday, I went with my dad to a marketplace to buy better fruits and when we finished, the guy who watched our car told some sweet "payas" to me. He was so nice, he made my morning. In the afternoon, some friends came home and we played Pictionary, went to Starbucks, played cards and hide&seek. We had so much fun!

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