vendredi, septembre 26

bom bo bom, climb a tree

Today was the most "exciting" day of the week. Well, "exciting" is not the word, but it was the less boring one.
I had to do a Biology Presentation about Arteriosclerosis. We did quite well. Also, I had a History test for today and a Spanish report about a book we read. After school, I went with Kichi and Vale to Starbucks and I had a Strawberries and Creme Frappuccino. Vale went her way, and Kichi and I went to our homes, taking the same direction as always. I always have to take the tube and a bus, while Kichi, just the tube. When I arrived to the bus stop, I heard voices screaming my name. It was Sabrina and Isabella, my ex-synchronised swimming partners (I don't practise that sport anymore... since last year). We took the same bus and spent a little time talking until the had to get off (my stop is one of the last ones).
I walked home and when arrived, I realised I didn't have the keys with me. I knocked the door for my maid to open it to me and after several attempts, it was obvious that she wasn't home, so I jumped over the side door (it wasn't easy, because there's almost no place where you can put your feet), and then went to the backyard, but all the doors were closed. There was the kichen window, but it has a stick which avoids the window to be opened, because the lock is useless, so I moved the window in a way that I could move the stick too, and I achieved my goal! After climbing a door, climbing to get through the window was a simple job, hahaha. And that's my story! :)

Then I made myself a cup Lady Grey tea and had a croissant (yummy).

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a complete unknown. a dit…

que buen título, and what an exciting day, my friend !
yo me acuerdo un día en mi casa anterior que era verano, y había salido a mojarme un poco con la manguera, y a tomar algo de sol en el patio, y cuando ya había bajado el sol, y ya estaba fresquito quise entrar, porque estaba mojada y tenía frío. entonces cuando quiero abrir la puerta me doy cuenta que estaba cerrada, y empecé a gritarle a mi papá que estaba arriba durmiendo la siesta que me abriera, pero duerme taaaaaaaaan profundo que ni cuenta se dio. entonces me fui al jardín de adelante, toqué el timbre a ver si se avivava que su hija estaba encerrada+congelada abajo, pero naaaaada. hasta que dos horas, sí señora, dos horas después llegó mi mamá y me abrió. yo estaba azul de tanto frío, casi me muero de hipotermia. jajajaja, no, no tanto, pero pasé mucho frío.
hey girl, long time, no talk ! I love you, camilín :)

Carolusabe a dit…

Cami... cuanto tiempo sin pasarme!.
Si hubiera entendido algo de verdad que te comentaba con todo mi amor... jajaja pero no he podido... aun no entiendo del todo el ingles jajaja, pero bueno me pasaré mas amenudo y te comentaré algo si lo entiendo ♥
muchos besazos! se te quiere mucho ^^

polexia aphrodisia a dit…

hi honey :) haha i loved to read about your little adventure! i cannot say enough how many time ive had to search an open window to go inside my own house, lol. AND i saw the ultimate cuteness on the dieciocho comment! it was really adorable seeing those pics. i couldn't enjoy as many things to eat since im a vegetarian, but i had my share!

oh, and im so jelous! haha the nearest starbucks i have is like 20 blocks away ... anyways, i was just watching the other day a beautiful beautiful movie that made me cry like a little baby and i thought maybe you would wanna watch it too, since i knew you liked almost famous we can have a smilar movie taste. it's called 'bridge to terabithia', and it's oh my god so sweet. if you haven't seen it i highly recommend it :)

that said, gorgeous liv tyler(?) pic, i mean all three of them. i've said my hello, thank you to you and goodbye sweetie!

big kiss and love,
le cammie á le cammie

L. a dit…

liv is pure love.