samedi, juin 14

SG nuts

And yes, Saint Gabriel's School is going crazy!
Well, there four things about this week:
1. Physics: This subject is getting more and more boring each class. Here's the proof
{Notice the horrible calligraphy and all the drawings, borders and stuff. I'm so perfectionist with copybooks that I could never do this to one, unless I'm reaaaaally bored, but the I take off the paper}:

2. LA ZORRA, female for EL ZORRO. This woman has the signature mask of El Zorro, but, instead of the circled shape for the eyes, this one has heart shapes. And she also has a moustache {oh, God, we're so baaaad!}.

3. Our school "inspectors" are so nuts! There are two of them that "owned" a small part of the school and don't let us even breath there!

4. Song of the week:
KP nuts

3 commentaires:

Miss at la Playa a dit…

lol, those are fun!

btw, I just wanted to know your email for the tfs invitation because you guessed it right: the photographer is Tim Walker

Mikaa ♥ a dit…

jajaja parece que se divierten en clase, yo hago cada tarades en clase pero lo que mas hacemos es reirnos y criticar juju somos malas :) , te kiero cami ojala hablemos pronto

Mikaa ♥

AVA a dit…

hehe, school that's boring always leads to the most interesting stuff..