dimanche, avril 27

don't care about clever

Sometimes happiness just comes when you least expect it.
You feel like the whole world smiles at you. Why? I just don't know. Why do these splendid things happen? When you wake up and see how beautiful the day is, when you meet a friend you haven't seen for years, when you talk with your beloved ones, when your mother says that your a miracle, when you finally realise that you can make happy everyone else around you or even when you go shopping.
Just like when shit happens, this comes the same way ♥.

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oO_Carmen_Oo a dit…

pero que lindaaa que estás en la foto nenaaa! y si, la historia del metro es fabulosa, yo no podía aguantar las risas en el cine; la película es maravillosa desde el principio al final... LA AMO! jajajaja yo AMO PARÍS!

un besooo mi niñaaa... TE ADOROOO MUCHISIMO!