dimanche, mars 30

europa: misión abortada

Exactly. I'm not going to Europe. I'm so disappointed! My dad made me think I could finally be able to achieve one of my most important dreams. That's awful, isn't it?
No France. No UK. No Spain. No Carmen. No Vanessa.

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ignacia a dit…

i'm so sorry bout the europe thing, i know how it feels, similar thing that happened to me last year. You get over it, but it's a shame...
But about the vids: OMFG! that day (with some exceptions) was AWESOME... i had so much fun talking with Fernandow(L)!!

i luv u! :3

Kichi a dit…

I always wanted to go to Europe, at least you had hopes for it once. T_T

I had to much fun the day of the school trip, even with my discovery about my fake Ray-bans lol.
The videos are excelent, specially because I was behind the camera, the one when you fall rigth face to ground is perfect for a messenger gift

Love you! ♥
The Jobrolover...

Cote a dit…

Yo featureo en el video 2!
Como dolio esa caida...

En fin ~

Lastima lo de Europa... tu lo esperabas con ansias...
Pero bueno, ya sabes que cuando tengas mucho dinero, podras irte a vivir a UK!
E iras de paseo a Francia y España <3 ~


Te quiero camii