mardi, janvier 15

tea party

Yesterday, my friends Kichi, Vale, Cote, Marti, iGnaa and Rouz came at four in the afternoon to my lovely tea party. They caught me making some fillings for my mini-tarts, but it didn't take too long, so we started immediately.

{Cote is a "water-party"* so she didn't take any photo with us in the table}
After we talked, laughed, joked, drank tea to many things, ate scones, mini-tarts, cake and cookies, we took off our clothes and got into the pool! We had a great time doing "horse fights", getting too close one to each other and going to the deep part of the pool, so we could barely breathe, etc.

Then everybody went to my bedroom and we showed the "Achmed" video to the girls who hadn't watched it {watch it!} and we laughed a lot. Kichi, Cote and I went upstairs to play "Guitar Hero" meanwhile the rest watched videos and took some photos (I didn't play too much, so I went downstairs again to join the photo session). Half an hour later, Vale, Marti, Rouz, iGnaa and I joined the girls in the third floor.

iGnaa had to go.
Girls kept playing and I started dancing at the sweet melody of hard rock, Rouz filmed me dancing and playing the "air guitar".
Marti had to go.
Cote found the "Pictionary" between the mess so we took it to my bro's bedroom. When we were about to start the game, Rouz said something like "I want to do the same thing that Cami did!", but the PlayStation2 was off, so she picked a song from her mobile and she started dancing and jumping on the bed until a plush Bodoque {her fan #1} "accidentally" knocked her and she fell down {that was so funny, she's so weak}.
We forgot the "Pictionary" and went to my bedroom to keep dancing and playing the air guitar, the air drums and the air bass, but without filming, because the memory of both my and Rouz's camera got almost full and unable to film the complete song, so we just had fun. {There was one moment that we were like incredibly mad, breaking the air guitars, jumping, rocking&rolling... and my mum came in, so, from one moment to another, we stopped and almost started whistling innocently and my mum was like "huh?"}.

When we got tired, we started doing some EMOs {Extreme MakeOvers}, but only with hairdos.
Cote had a ponytail, because we never see her with one.
Kichi already came with a new haircut, so we did nothing to her.
Vale was done two pigtails.
I had double buns, like the Princess Leia hairstyle.
Rouz was put a red wig and one of my hats.

Cote, Kichi and Vale had to go, so we took three last photos. Rouz stayed for about fifteen minutes more and she left.

These are my friends, see how they glisten...

* water-party: our way to say party-pooper, although we all know that party-pooper is the right term.

2 commentaires:

Cote a dit…

'' she started dancing and jumping on the bed until a plush Bodoque {her fan #1} "accidentally" knocked her and she fell down ''

Me rei mucho con esa parte xDDD
Si, ese dia fue enial x3
Me la pase muy bien :3
Ojala se repita! :D!!

Ehm.. Eso xD
No se que mas decir

"The future will show us the path .. La la la.."

Una cancion xD
Linda, por cierto

Dolce vita a dit…

Cami! :), alfinal no lo pude ver, no se nunca lo conoceré {mentira talvez si talvez no quien sabe} pero bueno,
un besito! divinas todas y el tea time, y todo !