vendredi, juin 10

"You are having a bad day? Did you die?!"

Hey readers!

Despite my epic fail on the Physics test, this week has been actually amazing... especially these two days.

Yesterday, we walked so much! We walked from my workplace to where we gather for Cristo en la Calle (according to Google Maps, about 6.8km). It was great, though. We had a great time and we had ice-cream for dinner! :P Sabor tiramisú.
Today, we watched The Hangover part II. We walked a lot too. You know... there's always an extremely inefficient way to get to a place and the fast and simple way to do it. Well, we took the first one and made it even more inefficient. It was fun, though. Later, we bought some tickets for a play/ballet and made our way to the subway through Parque Bustamante with some stops in between and short naps. Then I came home and went to the pool for training.
On my way home, I listened to The Cure. It'd been so long since I didn't listen to their music that I missed them. I love listening to songs with days in them on the day mentioned (like I don't like Mondays on Mondays or Ruby Tuesday on Tuesdays). In this case, I listened to an acoustic version Friday I'm in love together with acoustic versions of Boys don't cry and Close to me.
Desde Escuela Militar a Universidad Católica en metro? naaah, caminemos mejor!
Desde Universidad de Chile hasta Baquedano caminando en línea recta? naaah, subamos y bajemos el Cerro Santa Lucía!

Now I'm pretty tired, so I'll leave.
That's all, folks!
Cee Cee.

2 commentaires:

gala a dit…

"Oh, you are having a bad day. Did you die?"
jajaja! love it! hangover part II, still funny and i love bradley cooper(so hot, but it kinda remind me Diego from "Ice age" xd)
it's always nice to read your posts

piccolapau a dit…

buenísima hangover 2... solo q no recordaba esa frase.. la decia el dentista, no? encanta lo desesperado que es él XD ...lo mejor d la pelicula es cmo hacen q cosas tan brigidas se vean tan light... cmo los travestis D: jjajaja... es bcn

y the cure <3!!! yo los amo tb, asiq t entiendo perfectamente :P ...habia oido q venian este año, pero me tinca q debe ser una banda tributo pq ellos cmo no hacen na mucho ahora (o sea en realidad no sé, ojala q si en todo caso :D) ...saludos y mucho exito en todo (: (ya sabes..u, vida y demases)