samedi, mai 14

paul mccampbell or whoever...

What a great show it was! From Blackbird to Drive my Car, from Helter Skelter to Yesterday, it was so damn perfect! I danced so much with Dance Tonight, rocked so hard to Live and Let Die, and was about to cry with Something. I had the best time.

During Hey Jude's "na na na nananana"s {♪}, there was a girls v/s boys nananaization.

Whether it was Paul McCartney or William Campbell, I don't care. For me, Paul is alive and that night I was in the same place he played. I danced, I sang, I rocked, I jumped and behaved like a total fangirl.
había una vez...truz!
That's all, folks!
Cee Cee

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gala a dit…

when i go to a concert i really think i could be a groupie xd!! jajaj
I loved the concert!
I loved Paul McCartney!
no way he's not paul, and if he's not paul he's brilliant, and everything!
Gracias Paul eres bacán!♥

piccolapau a dit…

pero algo q la gente no está pensando... independiente de si es Paul o no... es un tipo seco, wn... o sea ya, si es el imitador.. pta es el mejor imitador del mundo... de todas formas vivimos en un mundo tan relativo y toa la cution, y en el cual todo es cuestionable.. asiq media cution si este Paul es William o viceversa, o todo lo contrario y blabla jaja ... es un genio..y un genio simpático :P

Oye, me encantó la foto en donde PAul sale cmo tapándsoe los oidos jaja... en las nanazations jaja.. ta muy buena.. enq lugar tabas :O? esq tan buenisimas las fotos (:
saludooos :D