mercredi, avril 20

très amusant

There are some people that I find really cool. People I see from the distance or people I know. I mean, my friends are cool, of course. They are my friends, it's obvious that I find that my friends are cool. But these people I'm talking about are like really different people. People I wish I could be friends with, like my Physics' professor's assistant, or the girl I wanted to talk about today. She's reeeaally cool. She's really cool, as I was saying, and I happen to know her because of a friend in common, but even though we spend some time together every week, and talk and everything, it still amuses me how awesome she is. Here are some photos of her, Pili (the uni friend who I spend most of the time with) and me.

Isn't she cool? Hahahaha
That's all for today, dearests.
Type you tomorrow!
Cee Cee.

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Kate a dit…

They're such fun pictures! I am glad you are meeting lots of exciting people at uni. That's one of the things I love most about student life: the number of different people I'm meeting all the time!

Kate x