mardi, avril 12

random entry of the month

α. Juan Gossip Boy, first of all, I don't need your approval, ha! And second of all, I don't think there's anything between us. It's just weird suppositions from my friends.
β. Coelho's autoreferences are kind of weird. They make me a bit uncomfortable while reading. It's so awkward. Funny in a certain way, but weird.
γ. I have the Michael Jackson Experience game for X-BOX, and it's SO good! Technology amuses me :)
δ. Look, a photo!

ε. I love James Morrison! I missed his music so much!
ζ. James Vincent McMorrow's music is amazing too! I may dedicate him a special entry some day.
η. I don't know what else to put here, I just like this idea of the Greek alphabet, hahahaha!
θ. I like lists. Suggest me lists you'd like me to do! (e.g. top 10 owls I have at home, top 10 authors) Be creative!

That's all, folks! I don't want to bother you anymore.
Cee Cee.

Currently listening to: Too Late by James Morrison
Currently reading: Veronika decide morir by Paulo Coelho

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Kate a dit…

I enjoyed that you numbered your points with the Greek alphabet! :)

Frequently in maths class we use Greek letters and lots of people don't know the names of the ones we use only sometimes. Even the tutors! But then they just call it the wrong thing, so most people don't realise they don't know!

Kate x