samedi, avril 16

I had a pretty busy day. I slept for two hours last night and today, after first period's classes, I went to a reunion for TDI (Trabajos de Invierno: we build houses during Winter Holidays) and then I got together with my group to continue doing our project. I went back home, and then training, and after that we went to Mc's (I haven't gone there for months! I know it's pure junk, that's why I haven't gone there for a long time, but all the girls were going, and I had the car and an empty stomach, so... yeah).
After that I went to an uni friend's house and after that, came back home.
Last night I slept 2 hours because of university stuff, and now it's kind of late, and I am almost falling asleep on my keyboard, so take care!
Cee Cee.

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