vendredi, avril 8


* Crappy test... Thanks for the good wishes anyway, Kate.
* I had quite a bad day, due to the constant nausea and headache. But there were some good little moments. Like before the test when people from CAi (Centro de Alumnos de Ingeniería, the Students Center/Counsil(?) of my faculty) started giving cups of coffee to the firstyears like me who were about to have their first precalc test. They were even playing music, awwww! Then, the test (no comments), and about half an hour after I finished the test, I started feeling better (reeeally good timing¬¬).
* At 9:30pm, I got together with a small group of my faculty and we did this thing called "Cristo en la calle" (Christ on the street), in which we talk with homeless people just to give them company, to talk to them or to let them tal. Just to share with them. Really good experience. I'm really looking forward to do that again.

Now I'm realy sleepy and hungry.
Smell you later, aligators.
Cee Cee

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Bianchii a dit…

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Kate a dit…

I do a thing like that where we talk to homeless people on the street. We bring along some sandwiches and biscuits and hot drinks too. It's such a good thing to do because it makes them feel appreciated and not so alone and makes us more grateful for all that we have. =)

Kate x