mardi, février 1

annie apple jours

On Monday, January 31st (yesterday), I started my French lessons! I'm obviously at level one, because I'm a n00b when it comes to every language other than Spanish or English, but it's been lots of fun so far. It's pretty much like when we were in Kindergarten learning English. I'm taking an "intensive" course, so it'll last just two weeks. I'm attending every weekday from 10am to 1pm (until this Thursday, and from Friday, classes will start at 9:30am and will end at 1pm as well).
So far, I've learnt how to greet in formal and informal situations, I've learnt the alphabet, the numbers, how to give a telephone number, and some verb conjugations. I can even introduce myself! (I repeat: n00b!!!)

"Je m'appelle Camila, je suis une étudiante d'ingénierie. Je suis chilienne, j'ai dix-huit ans. J'ai un chien. Il s'appelle Mitón".
("My name is Camila, I am an engineering student. I am Chilean, I am eighteen years old. I have a dog, his name is Mitón". I know it's lame, but I barely even know how to conjugate the verbs "avoir" (have) and "être" (be)... and I had like two minutes to write that down and say it.)

I have to do my homework now, so that's all for today.
Au revoir!

Cee Cee♥

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Kate a dit…

Fab! That is a very intense course! I hope it goes really well for you. And you're making good progress already! I really want to learn another language.

Kate x

LoKi a dit…

Ta pochi el nuevo banner :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD no sé de donde cresta los sacas pero hasta ahora todos son bknes xd

Btw, bknes las nuevas entradas :3


† Lelei † a dit…

:3 Yo también quiero aprender francés! Pero me temo que nunca nadie me patrocinará... y está lejos la idea de trabajar este año ya que no me dejaron porque el preu es caro... Algún día estudiaré francés x3... lo sé

Amé tu banner Cami :3, Está muy lindo!
Yo quiero empezar de cero en mi blog, así que borraré todo xD

Saludos! Y las echo de menos, quiero verlas!

gala a dit…

mmmm...para qué servirá dar el número telefónico 1313
aparte de francés te están enseñando a jotiar como ellos ;D xd
acuérdate de la historia de la lili D:
jajajja xd
broma, me encanta el francés me gustaría aprender :C