dimanche, janvier 9

new baby at home

No, I do not mean my cousin's daughter who is staying here with my cousin, his other daughter, his girlfriend and her son. I mean, this baby:

It's a lovely Canon EOS Rebel T2i. He's so pretty! Isn't he? ♥ (his name is Franklin)
This was sooc, btw.

A lovely Christmas present :)
And the Bowler hat was another present, but because of my PSU results. I'm not like... in the mood for blogging about my trip to Los Angeles and Las Vegas, I'm sorry. Maybe, some day later I will post some photos, or something. So... yeah.

Love you! That's all, folks!
Cee Cee.

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very cool!!! the feeling of a brand new camera is the best. DSLR cameras are the future especially with the ability to shoot HD video. enjoy and happy new year!