jeudi, avril 22

#112 - earth day!

Happy Earth Day, everyone! Okay, I know this photo doesn't really represent this special day, but I had a cool idea in mind, it's just that I did not have the time to do it. After an awesome day at school (we had classes outside, because our classroom had a weird and nasty smell... and it was kind of funny the way our teachers managed to show us stuff without a whiteboard), I went to buy some organic food at my local supermarket and I took the chance to recycle some paper and bottles. While I was "recycling", a woman comes to me and asks me if she could take a photo of me, because of Earth Day. I accept, so she makes a phonecall and tells me that in that supermarket they're making a whole Earth Day campaign and that she was part of the comitee that was making that possible. Suddenly, a van arrives, 6 ladies come out of it and they take my photo with the ladies. Finally, they give me a bag with a few seeds of Boldo (a native tree) and invite me to go there on Saturday, because they were going to give a plant to everyone who went to recycle their garbage.

So... after all that, I went back home, cooked some organic food and baked some biscuits and at about 5, I went to my preuniversitary classes, like I do everyday. +

That's all, folks!
Cee Cee.

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