dimanche, janvier 31

#31 - bamboo

Today, I went to the "Morro Das Aranhas" (Spiders Hill) to discover a little more of this place, because apparently, we are not going to go out of the resort since it is ALL inclusive. It was a cool wild place this hill and quite huge, because I spent like an hour there between nature and stuff and I went through... 1/100 of it!

So yeah... that was the most interesting thing I did today in Florianópolis. By the way, it's so damn humid in here! I miss Santiago's weather.+

That's all, folks!
Cee Cee.

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a complete unknown. a dit…

dudo que sea más húmedo que buenos aires, creo que es el peor clima del mundo en de capital, jajajaja. pero te acostumbrás a la humedad.
se vé muy pacífico eso, me encanta.