dimanche, janvier 3

#3 - car park

I didn't want to upload this one, really, but it's already dark and I haven't taken a photo today, except for this one, of course.

Well, last night we went to the cinema to watch Avatar 3D (I really liked it) and when we came out it was half past midnight and every store at the mall was closed, so the car park was nearly empty and dark. My mother was really scared, while I was quite fascinated by it. And for once, all the lights were green (indicating free parking spaces). So... +

That's all, folks!
Cee Cee.

2 commentaires:

ignacia maría a dit…

a mí me gustó mucho, no encuentro q lo oscura q es sea malo :3

Loki a dit…

Asdf yo hubiera tado de lo mejor ahi onda corriendo o simplemente me hubiera sentado a disfrutar xP me encanta cuando ta oscuro y mejor si el lugar es fresquito, me imagino que asi taba en ese momento.
Puta que tengo sueño -.- es como temprano pero la constructora que tengo al lado me despierta siempre >:U! bitches.
Bueh eso :D un saludo y un abraso byes!