mercredi, janvier 20

#20 - around the world in 80 milliseconds

Oh, I'm so sorry, I didn't even had a good photo from today, this was taken almost accidentally and it's not even a good photograph.

Anyway, this wasn't a good day either. It was 34 degrees Celsius today and I almost died. I can't stand such high temberatures. UGHHH! Back to the photo, those are souvenirs from all around the world (just some of them) that were in my living room. Most of them are souvenirs we've brought from the different places we've been to, some of them are presents. We have all sorts of souvenirs. We even have like 50 souvenir spoons, lots of tequila shot glasses and tons of miniature bottles of liquors from all over the world.

Still, that doesn't make the photo better, but that kind of represents how shitty today was. +

That's all, folks!
Cee Cee.

3 commentaires:

ignacia maría a dit…

true, no soporto más el calor :'C

anyways, me gustó la foto :3


Loki a dit…

All around the wooorld (8) xD ya sry u.u
Hehehehe ya pero si igual no ta tan terrible, en la foto = sale Matias Cortés(?) xDDDD
No fucking idea
Y si, calor de la !"#$%&/( -.-
Bueh ya me voy hohoho xP
Saludos y un abraso!


Anonyme a dit…

Amo los souvenirs ♥
si también estoy muriendo feamente por el calor...por suerte paso las tardes en la piscina...
no te mortifiques por la foto igual ta chora xD
te quero!