lundi, décembre 7

one cell in the sea

Random entry day!

☺ I bought a new pair of earrings! They are the most adorable thing in the world. They have the shape of chocolate chip cookies and a lollipop.
☺ Last night I watched August Rush. Oh my, what an adorable movie. It was unbelievably sweet in every single way! Full of magic, music and love.

☺ Also, I watched Funny People with my brother yesterday. It was sort of weird, but not a bad movie. And last Thursday, we watched (500) days of Summer, another adorable movie. I liked it a lot, actually. Also, very sweet, quite sad, but magical... "PENIIIIIIIS!!!"

☺ And to end with the movies section, I watched Click on Saturday. I have watched that movie like 5 times and it's a fact: I always cry at the end when Adam Sandler is laying on the street trying to speak to his family. And I really cry, it's not like I just drop a few tears of emotion.
I'm not sure if you all knew, but I love Joe Anderson (I have like a zillion crushes) and it always seemed to me that he looked like someone, and two days ago, I discovered who! Kurt Cobain, DUUH! It was so obvious! By the way, I love Kurt, I just think he was the coolest person on Earth (&Ilovehisstyle).

☺ I'm eating raspberries Amélie style! My fingernails are slowly turning red...
On Saturday, I went to a Flashmob. It was a Tribute to Michael Jackson ♥. Ahh, it was so beautiful. Hundreds of people dancing to Beat It. All for the king, of course, hehehe!

Annie are you OK? Are you OK, Annie?
☺ Sorry, it's random entry day! hehehe.
☺ I just came back home from watching Julie & Julia, a delightful and "yum!" movie. Adorable as well. I loved it, really. It increased my wish to go to Paris (was that possible?). New on my wishlist: Julia Child's cooking book! hehehe.

☺ Shoo-be-doo-be, shoo-be-doo-be-doo, tin tin! ♪

I think that's all, folks!
Cee Cee.

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piccolapau a dit…

joe anderson :o?? ese no es el de ATU?? .. es bkn él, es muy.. nose, cmo vividor, me encanta tb. Pero yo toy fielmente crushiada de Jim :B .. el es mi... amor platonico de ATU xdd, esq nosé, me encanta esa miradita pilla qe se tira de repente. Me mata.. ya qe weki io xd...

ta bcn la entrada random, y posteamos el mismo video del flashmob XD! bieen. jaja, oe puse las fotos de ese día en mi blog y en fb, por si qeriss verlas :D
y gracias d nuevo por el link de los aros (:
por cierto, muchas peliculas de las qe mencionaste me tincan caleta.. august rush, hace tiempo me la habian recomendado (de hecho creo qe me la pasaron pa verla, y aun no la veo xD .. un wena pa mi xd) y julia&julie algo ase xd.. me tinca dms esaa.. además meryl streep ♥, qe mujer mas seca :P

ya cami te dejo, tkk!!, cdtee :** y nos vemos nose.. yo cacho qe en bio exam D: .. pero ahi nos mandamos un beat it pa alegrarnos luego del uuulitmo stress! (a menos qe des tok xd, qe ojala qe no :)

chauuu :*

piccolapau a dit…

aaaaaaaaaa!! no habia notado el hermoso gatito qe tiene joe en la foto :BBB es muy Rufus! jaja ta hermoso.. y es cierto, se parece a kurt o.o ..dms (: ..una razon mas pa qe me guste, aunq kurt haya sido algo poserin jaja.. ya ahora see, cdtee :*