vendredi, décembre 25

joyeux noël

Hello blue people!

MERRY CHRISTMAS (or Hanukkah or Kwanzaa) TO YOU ALL!
I don't get why some people just don't like Christmas. There are more people who don't like Christmas than people who like it! I mean, not in general, but I've heard that from a lot of young people from the internet. Of course, I don't love Christmas for the presents (I actually feel like I don't deserve them. Not that I'm not grateful for my parents Santa to know me and know what I like & want.
Okay, I wasn't here to talk about my feelings towards Christmas, but just to wish you that you have a merry little Christmas. AND to tell you about some things that have happened this Christmas, some thought about it and random stuff, as always.

¤ We have a little mixed-breed dog for the weekend. Her name is Chimultrufia (my brother's idea) and she's two months old.
¤ I love the Grinch. He's so much better than all the people from WhoVille together.
¤ I made Cola de mono (a Chilean drink which is traditionally drunk in Christmas).
¤ I also made a triple cheesecake (part raspberries, part nutella, part dulce de leche).
¤ This was one of the best Christmas Eve dinners ever! We had ceviche, then Filet mignon wrapped in bacon and the cheesecake for dessert. It was much better because we made it all, not like evey year when we just but food. We even wrapped the filet mignon and everything.
¤ My camera is already one year old!
¤ I have a new telly with a REMOTE CONTROL! I know it doesn't sound really exciting to you, but it is to me.
¤ I received a lot of vintage things for my room, a chapstick, two towels, a CD and two t-shirts.
¤ My room is a mess now.
¤ I bought myself magical tea and I made it today :)
¤ I want Elf to be the movie of this Christmas, so I'll tell my brother to download it.
¤ My brother brought Chimu to my room so I'd better leave.

That's all, folks!
Cee Cee.

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just saying hi, <3 ur blog
merry xmas and happy new year :)