jeudi, décembre 31

au revoir deux mille neuf

Blue people of mine,

This is the last day of the year, and you may be expecting for me to do a sort of recap of it, but no... I don't want to, I'm too lazy :D
Instead, I'll tell you my blog plans for next year:
For the first time, I'll be doing a 365 project. What's a 365 project? you'd be wondering. Well, it's basically to take a photo a day and post it here (&Flickr). This photos should be something that represent or summarise the day in question. So in 2010 my blog will be turned into a photo-blog or photo-diary. Some days I will have no more time but to just upload the photo, some days I'll tell you all about it and about my day, but I'll always post them.
So now I'll post daily here (if I'm abroad, I'll try to post from there or upload afterwards with the dates modified to the correspondent day). Sometimes, there are days without anyone leaving comments on my entries and now, as they are going to be daily, I just hope that you leave comments daily as well (don't take me wrong, I would never ever force you to comment).
Anyway, that's what I wanted to say, so you're not surprised about the change.

So... I'm now off to watch This is It, so I'm only left to say: party a lot tonight to celebrate the start of a brand new year, a year I have the feeling that's going to be GREAT!
That's all, folks!
Cee Cee.

P.S. I have two new "pets": Mint & Basil:

2 commentaires:

ignacia maría a dit…

aww :3 adoré la idea de 365 :) me pondré las pilas y comenzaré a comentar x) me tinca muy cute, sobre todo cuando volvamos al cole y nos veamos everyday (yay :3 lo único bkn del cole jeje) y ya me imagino en una de nuestras twisted conversations o en el estadio haciendo alguna estupidez y tú con tu cámara sacando la foto <3 :D

tbn te robaré tu quiz de dos entradas más abajo :D jeje, aunq lo haré en mi blog q ta en privado :/.... maybe lo desbloquee, idk

te qro cami :D <3 feliz 2010, y q se nos venga hermosoo x3
y >< ojalá te llegue mi mensaje D: o iré a entel a bitchiarlos!! ¬¬ toy segura q me cobran los mil mensajes q nunca son recibidos (U)

xd ya, me inspiré XD bye bye~~ <3

piccolapau a dit…

waa me encnato la idea de tu proyecto.. vas a tener todo un año en miles de fotos.. bue, 365.. pero iwal.. todo nuestro ultimo año.. jaja te apoio cn el proyecto (y) .. y t intentare comentar todos los dias qe pueda (:
feliz 2010 !!!! nuevamente jaja, hasta este 10 de enero ha estado bastante bueno este año jaja

aunq tengo suennito :P
cdte muo camiii, lindo el blog cmo siempre, besiitos :*