lundi, novembre 23

call me irresponsible

I have to do a NY art project for tomorrow and I have a kind of lovely idea (speaking about lovely, I tried to be lovely today, but they made me have dinner. However, lovely holidays, here I come) that, of course, I won't be able to do. It consists of a sort of recreation of the photo of Lewis Hine of the workers having lunch at the Rockefeller Center working site in 1930 (see the photo below), but instead of the workers, all 18 of us who went to the Art trip. I thought of using modelling clay, which wouldn've been the sweetest thing, but I really don't have the time :(
Anyway, it was an idea.

Love for all,
Cee Cee

2 commentaires:

Loki a dit…

Woooo hubiera sido muy interesante si lo hubieras echo x3! Me gusta esa foto, aparte de que es conocida hehehehe ^^ Deberias hacer el coso ese no crees? ;3 bueh aqui teh aporte XDDD
Chau, cuidate y un abraso AEHIAEHIAEHAIEHA


The a dit…

oe, qe miedo estar ahi donde esos tipos o.o

pero ta bkn la foto en too caso

besosss :*