dimanche, octobre 11

will you let me romanticise?

Hello dearest readers!
It's been a while since my last entry, but whatever, I'm here again.
First of all, I think I never told you, but i have a Tumblr:
So yeah, that's one thing. It's been quite a lot in my life these past days, some of them pretty harsh, some of them just amazing. I prefer to keep the first ones to myself, because I hate making everyone depressed.
Let's start with school. Although I've been a little stressed because of it, I'm really glad that all the effort is worth it, just as my History teacher said on our IB talk. You know, I'm on a sort of Enlightenment period right now (thinking and acting rationally to end up with an emotional feeling: happiness), that means I'm studying a lot, doing all the homework, having almost no social life after school in order to get to the end of the term with good marks and being happy on holidays :)

Next subject, friends. I have a gay friend! I'm not sure if you actually knew, but I've always wanted one and now, one has come out of the closet and tadá! Somehow, I've realised I'm a trustworthy person and that I can give great advice. Making people happy makes me happy (wait, that's not exactly what my Enlightenment period is about, but having little moments of happiness doesn't hurt anyone).

Let's see, what else... Michael Jackson! () I went to Museo de la Moda to see an exhibition of him. There were a lot of items related to him, from clothes (i.e. the glove) to drawings (i.e. the BAD Mickey Mouse). It was really beautiful, and I felt kind of a connection there. Also, I have my tickets for THIS IS IT for November 3rd at 5:30pm.

Now it's time for random stuff:
- My cameras arrived!!!!!!!!
- The Chilean football team is going to the World Cup Championship in SouthAfrica :)
- I need money, so I'm going to sell Cake Pops at school! Thank you, Bakerella!
- I'm loving tFS! People are great there.
- I miss my friends from VP the best :(
- I've become a fan of Happy Farm.
- I have some new serious crushes.
- I love The Office so much! Niagara was the loveliest episode in the world.
- I'm watching Glee, so I think I'm over with the entry.

That's all folks!
Cee Cee.

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a complete unknown. a dit…

yo quiero que empiezen a pasar glee por fox, y que dejen de pasar las mismas propagandas over and over again. me está quemando la cabeza estas.
si empiezo a hablar de niagara te juro que no paro hasta que se caben los carácteres ( si es que hay un límite en blogspot ), amo a JAM so so so so much. y las lágrimas en los ojos de jim, y pam acariciándose la pancita, y el barco, y erin y andy flirting, y kelly y ryan bailando juntitos. amo mi serie.
qué nuevo crushes tenés ?
tus cámaras son preciosas, algún día podemos llevar a nuestras cámaras gemelas a jugar a la plaza.
ahora te voy a pedirm que me cuentes sobre el museo de la moda.
yo también siempre quise un amigo gay, pero por ahora me conformo con mis amigos heteros, jajajajaja. muy cool tener un amigo gay igual.

te adoro hasta auckland.

piccolapau a dit…

jaja te apoyo con lo de happy farm (yo ya soy adicta :x) y con varias otras cosas más que mencionaste en el post :)

respecto a tu entrada de skins.. lloraré cada vez que recuerde a chris muriendo :( (es tan injustoooo)

cuidate, y ¡anímate! :*