mercredi, octobre 21

much better

Dear blue people,
Everything has been better now. Suddenly, I found out it isn't good to let their problems affect your mood. It's alright if I worry, they are some of the most important people in my life and they're going through a certain situation which makes everyone uncomfortable, but it isn't a good reason why I should be all depressed. So yes, I care a little bit too much about my friends, I give and never receive, but I cannot let that to affect my everyday mood.
Another reason to be much better is that my Cake Pops sales have been going amazingly. I've already gathered enough money to pay my mother for the cameras I bought! Now, my next goal is buying the Official Michael Jackson Opus... An ambicious girl, I am.

OH, I have to tell someone about last night! Something really weird happened. The thing is that I fell asleep close to midnight. I woke up, incredibly sleepy as always, so I couldn't remember what happened before I definitely got up (after I wake up, I usually go to my parents' bed to have a half-an-hour-nap and just after that, I get up consciously), so I started to get dressed for school. In the middle of my gothic thoughts (I was thinking about gothic stuff! It couldn't be any stranger, but it may have been because on Monday, I watched Jennifer's Body), I noticed that my house was very silent. I walked near my bedroom door and I realised that nobody' was up, because the usual TV noise from my parents' room was absent. Then, I looked at my clock and it was 1.30am! I had slept less than two hours and got all dressed for school! I thanked God I had five more hours to sleep and I didn't even care about putting my PJ again. After all, I wouldn't have to worry for getting dressed later. But, still, it was beyond weirdness.

Sorry, I had to share...
Cee Cee

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piccolapau a dit…

eeeeeeew.. dormiste cn ropa de colegio..ew! jajaja.. nah ta bn :B