dimanche, août 2

yellow brick road

Hello, hello! Actually I don't have any interesting to say. Actually, my holidays are over. I started school again last Monday and I'm already kind of stressed. I have to write a text commentary of a book, study for a test, re-write a TOK essay and start with my art project... everything has to be done for tomorrow. Nice, huh?
Aaaanyway, I came to welcome August and to wish you the best.
Love, Cee.

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little tornado a dit…

feeeeeeeeeliz cumpleaños caaaaaaaaaaaaamila de mi corazon. te quiero mucho amiga de chile, sabes que siempre podes contar conmigo cuando lo necesites aunque paresca siempre colgada, en todos estos años de amistad (que ya son como tres o cuatro!) aprendi a quererte muchisimo.
cuidate, y se muuy feliz que te lo mereces :)