dimanche, juillet 12


Oh, God, I truly wanted to make a proper entry once for all...
But since I have half an hour to finish packing my suitcase, I can't. Well, the thing is that I have to be at the airport in about an hour, because tomorrow I'll wake up in Atlanta, so I can go to the city that doesn't sleep then... Pretty exciting, right? God I'm almost shaking right now...
This was a kind of farewell entry. Wish me luck! I'll be back in a week ♥.

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Anonyme a dit…

que emocionante!
a mi me encanta NY. mi sueño es ir un dia :D
cuando vuelvas, me gustaria saber que tal es todo alla.
y que tengas excelente viaje
(aunque cuando hayas leido esto, ya vas a estar devuelta )