vendredi, octobre 3

parapa parapa para

She's one of my best friends.
She's the one who understands all of my obsessions.
She's the one who I gossip with.
She's the one who I love to take photos to.
She's the one who shares my movie taste.
She's the one who I go to Starbucks with.
She's the one who I go to watch movies with.
She's the best JoBros fan in Chile.
She's the birthday girl.
She's my friend, Kichi, ladies and gentleman.

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polexia aphrodisia a dit…

OMG !!!! cami daaaaarling :) it was such a nice surprise to find you beautiful work posted on my blog!!! i automatically set it up and it looks just GORGEOUS! you're really really good at this stuff. and happy bday to your buddy :D i was searching through the updates and you have niiice legs señorita! haha and i loved the cape too. is that a part of your house? anyways, you know i thank you from the bottom of my hear, seriously.

MUCH love from a camille to another camille
once more with feeling!!!!!
c &#9829