lundi, mai 26

iconic britain

Everything's going well. All girls are invited (boys have their own meetings, girls have tea parties). Personally, I have already invited twelve girls, and I have only a porcelain set of 12 cups, 12 plates and 12 everything, and we are 13 in total (12 guests + the hostess), so I think I (the hostess) will have to use a Whittard of Chelsea mug, tray and coaster set. It's so beautiful!:

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annie hall a dit…

nvidnvnfio son HERMOSOS ese juego de.. té no se jjajaja.
Me encanta ♥
ahora que contabas esto me dieron ganas de hacer una fiesta de té.. lastima que ninguna de mis amigas toman té, y de que me gustaria hacerlo en el jardín, pero hace muuuucho frio.
te adoro cami, cuidate (:

karla a dit…

aw is that you! you're so cute!

Marge a dit…

This is great info to know.