jeudi, avril 10

revengeful kitty

I'm in love with him and I feel fine ♬

This was last Saturday/Sunday at Vale's for her birthday.

After midnight and all the "Happy Birthday" scandal, we painted our faces and became wasted:

For once, I was Cote's little Frankenstein.

Matías and Lelei.

Gala and Mati-chan.


Ray-Ban V (from V for Vendetta).

Gala, Birthday Girl (Vale) and me.

That weekend was great, also because... guess what: My beloved friend Carmen is back!

2 commentaires:

ignacia a dit…

i wanted to go so bad! i still regret not being able to... ;__;
fucking fever

a complete unknown. a dit…

jajajaja, que lindas sus ... ¿ máscaras ? igual deben haberse pasado horas pintándose ( o muchos largos minutos con mucha pintura + todo el tiempo de despintarse, que gracioso, iban al colegio pintadas todavía )
y welcome back carmen ! ( mirá que educada que soy, jajaja )
un besito cami, te quiero muchito .