dimanche, avril 13

looks like teen spirit

Now I can explain one by one. From left to right:
Cote is tall, she has short curly hair and green eyes. She usually wears long cardigans, jeans and Converse shoes. She is funny and a little crazy.
Kichi is blonde and brown-eyed. She usually wears her glasses, tees with some drawings on them or mini-dresses, jeans and trainers. She is pleasant and quite crazy too.
I am tall and a curly brunette. I usually wear dresses and some cute shoes or a top and some pants (Cote gave me a 'more casual' look). I am smiling, weird and really mad.
Vale has dark hair. She usually wears dark tops and some jeans or skirts (Cote drew her with some clothes she could imagine her). She loves her cat ears. She is a cute, naive and happy girl.
Marti 's got brown hair and brown eyes. She usually wears caps; T-shirts or hoodies, sweatshirts, etc.; jeans and trainers (She loves Jack Skellington). She is really sensible, but very nice.
Rouz is slim, has nearly black hair (and yellow highlights) and brown eyes. She usually wears long vests, short skirts or jeans and she always wears sandals. She is smiling, funny and kinda' silly.
Igna is short, has brown, wavy hair and she is brown-eyed. She usually wears vests; hotpants, very short skirts or skinny jeans and always wedges. She is smiling, weird and she's got a sewer mind.

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Cote a dit…

Esperate a que tenga el pintao!!
Ya comencé! Esta bastante bueno xD
Lo subo a DA apenas termine de sombrearlo!

Te quero Camirin