vendredi, mars 21


The first Autumn leaves in my tree this year.

And finally, Autumn arrived
Today was the best day of my whole life (it sounds strange, considering that I am Catholic and today we remember the day when Jesus died), although I did nothing outrageous. I simply... enjoyed all those little things.
Photos of the past two days:



{I have crushes on Jim Sturgess and Joe Anderson, but I love Jim the most.}

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juchi a dit…
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ignacia a dit…


we're having SO much fun tomorrow, JUNO! YEAY!

jaggy ! a dit…

te cambio lo que te puse {hubo un mal entendido con mi domian asique lo tuve que cambiar : ahora agregale una l jajaj {depsues por msn siq ueres te explico} besoos camille y sory por las molestias

Mikaa a dit…

Que buena que pasaste bien tu dia , muy lindas las pics , te quiero camii , un beso :)

Mikaa ♥